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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide timely, accurate and innovative CAE injection molding simulation services to the injection molding industry.


Our hands-on molding experience and the in-depth knowledge of the process, materials and tooling is our strength.


We are an injection molding technology resource focused on injection molding simulation technology.  Our business model is simple and streamlined, focusing on a lean business structure and value added expertise.

Mold flow simulation eliminates costly rework and redesign.  Kruse Analysis provides the tool to evaluate vital criteria of the mold or molded part before expending time and money in tooling.  Through mold flow simulation, an evaluation of gate size and location, identification of potential weldline locations, air traps, enhancement of wall thickness to achieve uniform filling, determination of injection pressure requirements can be achieved, along with many other critical issues that impact part moldabitity.   Mold flow analysis provides you with an understanding of the mold filling, packing and cooling during the entire mold cycle before the tool is designed and built.